Public Address, Pro Audio & Lighting

From a background music system in a retail store to an airport terminal paging system or a concert hall PA, we have the experience to install a high quality audio system to your facility, place of worship, theatre, restaurant, performance space or sports stadium.

Whether its for background music, foreground music, concerts, performance, or speech reproduction, we have world-class professional audio solutions which will provide high quality audio reliably year after year. Our systems are designed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, and will be installed by a company who really cares. We focus on achieving natural sounding systems with a particular focus on speech intelligibility. We also know that ease of operation is a key factor in many facilities and thus ensure that the control surface is chosen with this in mind.

  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Concert, HiFi and Ceiling Speakers
  • Zone paging systems
  • Handheld, Lapel and Headset Microphones
  • Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Mixing, Control Equipment & Processing
  • Audio DSP
  • Lecterns and Microphones
  • Hearing assistance
  • Recording software

Our public address and pro-audio solutions are specifically designed for airports, train stations, bus terminals, libraries, shopping centres, performance spaces & theatres, house of worship, sporting facilities/clubs, warehouses & public spaces.

Read our Case Studies for details on some of our recent installations here.

Campbelltown Public Library

Gawler & Barossa Jockey Club

Auction Rooms Cafe

Prospect North Primary School