AV Control Systems

AV System Controllers are the brain of your Audio Visual system. They bring together all aspects of you system into one simple graphical user interface (GUI) to enable the control of all equipment (including blinds and lighting) to make the process simple and bullet proof. AV System Controllers are also able to provide complex automation tasks which means with the push of one single button, a number of tasks can be performed. For example, the turning on of your audio visual system may involve any or all of the following;

  • Turn projector on
  • Drop motorised screen
  • Close blinds
  • Dim lights
  • Select PC1 input
  • Select a predetermined audio level
  • Play background music

All of these tasks are accociated with a unique piece (or pieces) of equipment or building infrastructure. They can all be achieved with ONE SINGLE BUTTON PUSH. The programming takes care of the rest.

Contact our consultants to see how an AV System Controller can assist your boardroom, theatre, performance theatre or church.